Escort Girl Daniela Ebony

I recently made 19 years old, I’m not a girl not yet a women I’m in between, and I was tired of standing behind mummy skirt and listening to daddy complaining about my “naughty” behaviour so I’ve decided to be the best escort girl in Rio de Janeiro.

So now since I have reached majority and I’m incredibly horny, so I decided to go wild, to live by my own rules and to dare to do everything that I was told to me that was wrong to a well behaved girl to do. I love sex, I love porn. I don’t like to watch, I like to do.

I’m tired of only watching porn movies, I want to experience it too.

As you can imagine my experience is not a lot, after all I was locked from this world all

This time, and only recently I was aloud to step out of my “cage”.

But I can tell you this much, I want you to teach me and I will learn well and quick. If you are in Rio de Janeiro and you’re looking for a naughty, beautiful and sexy escort girl: I’m all yours.

Nationality Brazilian
Height1.63 CM
Weight57 KG
Skin ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorHazel
LocalRio de Janeiro
SpecialsHigh Class GFE
PriceUSD 110 per 1 Hour
Phone (21) 99001-0510

Escort Girl Sara Mulata

Hi boys! My name is Sara, I’m 24 years old and I’m a hot bootylicous mulata. The perfect escort girl for those who enjoy black and ebony girls. I have a really pretty face, soft, and I’m very open-minded. I’m here to make all your sexy dreams become true. You just need to gimme a call baby. You’ll be sure that I’m one of the best escort girls you’ve seen in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.

Age 24
Weight59 KG
Height1,73 CM
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorHazel/Black
Hair ColorBlack
LocalSão Paulo
Available24 Hours
PriceUSD 110 per 1 hour
Phone(21) 99525-6475

Escort Girl Fernanda Garbo

If you’re looking for escort girls in Barra da Tijuca area in Rio de Janeiro, you hardly will find somebody better than Fernanda. She’s hot, she’s amazing, she’s everything you dream of.

Sexy, smart, funny, and ready to let you in all night long. Extra balls? Always? Anal? Why not? She loves it.

Height1,65 cm - 5’4 ft
Weight56 kg - 122 lbs
Skin ColorWhite
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlonde/Brown
LocationRio de Janeiro
AvailableTuesday to Sunday
PriceUSD 120 per 1 hour
Phone(21) 99001-0510

Escort Girl Eliane Nubilly

I am an young escort girl in Rio de Janeiro who’d love to join you, so I meet only occasionaly, to escape, not like main activity. I’m open-minded 100% in the intimate sphere, when I find in front of myself the person by highest social, cultural and personal levels – according to my needs. I love to tease, bewitch, play games, it excites me to see my effect on you, exite me the man, who knows how to play the game. Be sure I’m one of the best escort girls in Rio de Janeiro.

You won’t regret a bit to be with me.

AGE19 Years Old
HEIGHT5' 8" (1.73 m)
WEIGHT123 lbs. (56 kg)
LOCALRio de Janeiro
PriceUSD 120.00
Phone (21) 99001-0510